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Lead, Follow, Or Get A Life Dept.

On "I don't want to have to follow an artist that I have to lead."

Beyond The Fold Dept.

Look upon my future works, ye Audience, and rejoice.

Go For Launch Dept.

The next writing project is a go. Some thoughts before the button is pushed.

Outlier Dept.

I used to never write story outlines. Here's why.

Background and Foreground Dept.

On the kinds of reading and research I do -- and don't do -- as a prepwork for a project.

You Say Political, I Say Personal Dept.

A political struggle by itself wouldn't be the meat of a good story; it has to be something personal inside the political.

Great Minds Think Differently Dept.

Why am I, the atheist, reading a book of religious philosophy? Homework, but some other things too.

Something Else!!! Dept.

There better be something new under the sun, or else!

Better Than Yesterday Dept.

On improving the world: start at home, inside your own skin.

Down Among The Dead Men Dept.

On how the world ended a long time ago. (And how that fits into my new book.)

Take No Shelter Here Dept.

On (not) taking refuge in one's art.

Kitchen Sinkmanship Dept.

Look at all the stuff going into the new book!

Bursting Bubbles Dept.

Seems that expanding one's frame of reference isn't always about aiming "higher".

Abuse Your Illusion Dept.

On the use and abuse of escapism.

Go Go Go Said The Bird Dept.

On escapism.

Mind The Gap, Gap The Mind Dept.

On the spiritual junk food of cult consciousness (and how it's one of the many topics of the new book-in-progress).

To Get Organizized Dept.

More on organizing creativity (isn't that an oxymoron)?

Taking (Ever)Note Dept.

How I learned to stop worrying and love creating a proper wiki for my writing projects.

Of The Great Hither And Thither Dept.

Where I've been and where I'm going, especially with my next book.

Good Timing, Bad Timing Dept.

"Flight of the Vajra" is almost out. Almost.

Know Future Dept.

Future projects I see when I look at my creative to-do list.

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