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Yet Another Rave For Summerworld

Call me absentminded, just don't call me late for dinner! A (positive) review of Summerworld went up at Gloria Oliver's blog a ways back and I totally freakin' forgot to link to it. Silly me....

Another Rave -- From The Lulu Book Review Blog

The Lulu Book Review Blog has an enthusiastic and spot-on review of Summerworld: Serdar was one of the very first authors to query his book to us here at LLBR when we were getting started, and we almost passed on...

A Summerworld Rave From None May Say

The None May Say blog, by a fellow who "[spends his] free time searching out POD ("Personal Outlay Developed" or, more traditionally, "Publish On Demand") books, movies and music", has just published a rave review of Summerworld. With no...

An update....

Just so people don't think I've dropped dead (I haven't). I'm in the process of merging all the blogs I've been managing into one single site, with this being the first of the bunch. Don't expect anything to change immediately,...

Post-Holiday Updates!

I hope everyone's 2007 holidays were terrific, and that you're all looking forward to even better things in 2008. Mine were, and I am! I've posted over at the New Golden Age blog about what's happening with that, my...

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