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On Not Blaming The Sandbox Dept.

SF is hard to write. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be so rewarding to write well.

Uncovered Dept.

A peek into the future: the first version of the cover for my novel "Flight of the Vajra".

First Round Draft Choice Dept.

The first draft has ended. The rewrite approaches.

Smoothly Drafted Dept.

The technology of writing makes it easier to reach for the stars -- but it can't make up for the will to do the reaching.

Roughly Drafted Dept.

The peculiar difficulties of the second draft, especially for a writer in the 21st century.

The Unplaylist Dept.

What I listen to when I should be working, and what I listen to when I am actually working.

Tools of the Trade Dept.

Who's up for swapping their PC for a typewriter and a looseleaf binder?

Tra-Di-Shuuun Dept.

Creative innovation vs. audience alienation.

Witness for the Defense Dept.

Why it's sometimes hard to speak up for your own work, even if you're clearly supposed to do so.

Do It Yourself Dept.

"If you don't like it, make one yourself" is not a valid argument.

How To Cheat Dept.

Why SF&F make things up as they go along, for better or worse.

No Humans Allowed, Pt. 2 Dept.

SF's big weakness: worlds without much in the way of people.

The Style And The Substance Dept.

The skin of a story, and what lies under it, in SF and elsewhere.

Only Connect Dept.

"... real talent manifests itself not in a writer's affectation but 'in the exactness of his observation [and] the justice of his situations.'"

Genre-ic Dept.

Lev Grossman on why genres aren't evil.

No Humans Allowed Dept.

In the end, SF is always about the humans -- especially the humans reading your work.

All There On The Page Dept.

What is it that a book does better than a movie? Especially when it's SF?

To Have Ambition Was My Ambition Dept.

What's "ambitious" about a work of fiction? Hint: it isn't the length or the size of the dramatis personae.

Pure Fiction For Now People Dept.

On the "relevance" question in fiction, especially SF.

Open Mouth Already A Mistake Dept.

Just enough is more, especially when showing as opposed to telling.

Dream Big Or Die Dept.

Why philosophical fiction doesn't have to be boring -- and why SF&F provides an ideal field for such work.

Covering All The Bases Dept.

A four-quadrant approach to writing: making it both fun and deep.

Human Wave: To Sum Up

What SF&F and literary fiction have to teach each other -- and what to do about them talking past each other, or learning the wrong lessons. A first attempt at stating the problem.

Human Wave 9: To Let Your Work Speak For Itself

"Your work should speak for itself."

Human Wave 8: To Not Be Boring

"You will not be boring. Or at least you’ll do your best not to be boring." What, then, does it mean to be boring?

Human Wave 7: To Be Internally Consistent

"Be consistent with your own aims." If your world falls apart, it had better be for a good reason.

Human Wave 6: To Be Read

"Write to be read." So what makes some writers willfully defy such a convention?

Human Wave 5: Cheat And Run

"Don't leave the reader feeling cheated," and how it's possible to do that as both an SF&F writer and a "straight" fiction writer.

Human Wave 4: No Grey Goo

"No grey goo" -- don't strand us in a landscape of emptiness and nothingness unless you have a really, really good reason for it. Here are what some of those reasons might be.

Human Wave 3: To Not Write Agitprop

"Don't write agitprop" - but first, know what it is and what stands in contrast to it.

Human Wave 2: To Not Inspire Loathing

On Human Wave SF's 2nd conceit: "Do not inspire loathing." But how can we point the way to the future without being a Pollyanna?

Human Wave 1: To Entertain

On Human Wave SF's first conceit: "Be entertaining!" Pitfall or paradigm?

Royale Hunger Dept.

How dystopia is just our way of saying "if you seek a monument..."

The Human Wave

For a while I've been struggling with a sort-of manifesto that I was going to use as a banner for Genji Press (and especially Fight of the Vajra). Then Sarah Hoyt came along and beat me to it, at least...

Always In Touch Dept.

Being plugged in has already become a way of life. Does it just get worse from here?

Jean "Moebius" Giraud

Vision, ended.

Yesterday's Tomorrow, Today! Dept.

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Or could be. Or something.

The Future Is Right Here At Home Dept.

Why SF forgets that the way we do our laundry is just as important as the way we travel between the stars.

Making It Up As We Go Dept.

Fiction isn't just about making stuff up. SF is even less about such things.

Sign O' The Times Dept.

If SF is really about "now" rather than the future, does that make it also about contrasting the literature of "now"?

Unplugged Dept.

No cellphones in the future, and no computers either. Just connectivity and computation, for better or worse.

Until The 12th Of Never Dept.

Living forever: human aspiration or cosmic crock?

One Of A Kind Dept.

My rationale for why I don't plan to write sequels. (I could be wrong.)

Matter Synthesizer (Or Maybe Sampler) Dept.

On giving the gift that you made, and on what "making" means.

In Character Dept.

On character in SF, especially bad character.

Belief System Dept.

When SF addresses religion.

Money Is Not Our God (But All The Same, I'm Still Cashing My Paycheck) Dept.

Will they abolish money in the future? Don't bank on it (ho ho).

Opening Salvo Dept.

It's the beginning of a new project, and a new way of talking about it.

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