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Infinimata Press: Projects: Hammered To Pieces

The most amazing thing about the next draft of 'The Fall Of The Hammer' is how much of it will end up not getting ditched, as I feared might happen.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2019/08/29 08:00

Over the last couple of days I have put together a fresh, second-pass outline for The Fall Of The Hammer, the new book. This is a habit I've only recently accustomed myself to: write an outline, write a draft, then create a new outline that reflects the changes you want to make, then write the next draft. This time I got a head start: I bailed before finishing the first draft, and wrote the next-iteration outline as a way to get out of the thorny cul-de-sac I'd written myself into.

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Infinimata Press: Projects: Milestone Markers In Many Forms

There's more than one way to mark progress for a work in progress. Sometimes it's when you take one step back so you can take several more steps forward in a new direction.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2019/08/24 08:00

It's been a busy week or so — lots of running around, some family stuff, nothing worth crowing about in public but it did keep me away from the keys. Enough time away from the keys for me to take a new tack with the current novel project (Fall Of The Hammer): start re-outlining.

I have enough of a "zero draft" done to know what the limitations are of the project as I have it currently conceived. There's a lot of them. Next step is to take the pieces I have, use them to compile what amounts to a new story with a new scene breakdown, and then write that as my next draft.

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