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A Momentary Pause For Breath That Refreshes Dept.

I'll be back.

Wear Your Heart On Your Page Dept.

Why a compassionate writer is a better writer. (A somewhat roundabout discussion.)

Second Round Draft Choice Dept.

2nd draft of "Welcome to the Fold" under way for real now, with a few bumps in the road.

Tell It Again Sam Dept.

How I write, and how I rewrite.

Smoothly Tooled, Roughly Drafted Dept.

On finishing a first draft, and my tools of the trade.

Next To Last Stop Dept.

On being almost, almost, almost done with this book, and how I got here over the past year.

Did I Call It Or What Dept.

Coming soon: a real-life version of a fictional technology I dreamed up for a book.

Hey, It's A Living (Or Not) Dept.

On writing for a living vs. living for writing.

A Tonic For The Troops Dept.

A little love letter to my readers.

Also For A Limited Time Dept.

I could use a little help from my fans.

For A Limited Time Dept.

For sale. Best offer!

Next One Is Real Dept.

The best projects are always the ones that haven't been started yet. That's the problem.

The Books Or The Lifestyle Dept.

There's little in the way of serious literature out there about the psychodynamics of role-playing games.

You've Seen The Headlines, Now Read The Book Dept.

Is tying your work into current events smart self-promotion or just spammy?

Blog Hop (Around, Y'all) (Dept.)

Or, how I do what I do when I do what I do.

But Here's What It's Really About Dept.

The story isn't the pitch, but for readers, it often is.

Talking Head Dept.

Talkin' to Andrew Conry-Murray.

No Plan Ever Survives First Contact With The Enemy Dept.

Plan ahead, lest you find yourself behind plan.

Blowed Up Real Good Dept.

A bigger bang isn't always a better one, whether in movies or in books.

You'll Ruin It For Everyone Dept.

Why I keep my work close to the chest until it's done, done, done.

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