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When is "Write the story you want to read" not good advice? When you're not much of a reader.

End(game) Result

People see your results, not your efforts. By design.

Head Above Water

Barely. (More on writing draft 2 of "Shunga-Satori")

Campbell's Folly

"The 'three-act structure' and the 'hero’s journey', are editing tools, not writing tools."

Fantfacy [sic]

On the presence of inarticulate, inexpressive prose -- "Engfish" -- in SF&F.

I Got The Feelin'

Gut wisdom and creativity, examined.

The Spaghetti Moment

It's a familiar story trope. A bunch of people come into a restaurant/room/hotel/office, reveal themselves in miniature, and get briefed on The Mission.

Open Book Exam

On how messy my note-taking can be on my projects.

The Cardinal Sin Of Repeating Myself

No matter how much I try to avoid it, I see more similarities than differences in everything I write. But is that a problem?

Looking Onto Other Pages

"When everyone in the community reads the same books, you can an inward-looking, intellectually impoverished community that can only contemplate its own navel."

Self-Criticism Session

What do you do when you find yourself writing the kind of book you might take issue with if someone else wrote it?

A Clear(er) Head For The Future

What Zen taught me about writing SF&F, part 1.

The Same Furniture In The Same Room

On deliberately not finding an equilibrium for one's creative work.

Lest We Repeat Ourselves

In some ways this new book of mine is a rewrite of an older book. In most ways, I hope it isn't.

Bookish Heroes

Let's have an end to the trope that a character who is an artist or an avid reader automatically makes them a protagonist.

The Little Guys Have It Hardest

On indies avoiding the mistakes of mainstream publishing, 2022 edition.

My Inner Eye

On being a writer as an extension of being an artist who plays with images, rather than words.


Examining your inner creative voices: "Are you 'one' writer or 'many' writers?"

A Different 70%

"Odds are you know 70% of what there is to know, but everyone knows a different 70%."

On The Job Training

I always go back and forth about the value of "formal" education in creative endeavors -- e.g., creative writing classes or MFAs or film school or whatnot.

Solving The Ego Problem(s)

"Solving the problem is more important than being right." A quick guide for writers.

Knots Within Knots

The job of a storyteller should not be to make things complex, but to find common threads in complex things. Doubly so in SF&F.

Over The Top, Out The Bottom

If there was an envelope I wanted most to push, it was envelope of "accessible and fun" as it edged up against "complex and challenging".

Yours And Yours Alone

Whatever it is you make, make it so yours they can never take it away from you.

If I Wouldn't Want To Read It, I Probably Wouldn't Write It

The title tells it. Let's dive into this idea and see what comes up.

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