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What We Brought To Show-And-Tell

Show the things that are best dramatized; tell the things that are best spelled out.

Good Enough

if you want to be read, aim for the middle. Don't write total crap, but don't write stuff that's only going to be of interest to a self-selecting few, either.

You Have To Be Willing To Feel Stupid (For A While)

One of the reasons we call some people "geniuses" is because of (among other things) their disinhibitions about feeling stupid.

Whatever You Can Bring To The Picnic

There is a place for all of us there, and we just have to bring whatever we have with us to it.

Underpromise And Overdeliver (Or Just Deliver)

I tend to keep my mouth shut about projects until they are actually in some kind of sharable, discussable condition, and even then I keep details close to the vest.

Movies For The Mind

How I sometimes model my approach to a book as if it were a movie for the mind.

The Artificers

Something is not "artificial" because of its means of production, but if the act of producing it, in whatever form, goes against your inner convictions.

The Palette-Swapping Problem

How I've tried to avoid using the template of a real-world story for my own fiction.

Too Many Books In One

I've got one of those projects in mind that needs paring down.

Trust In The Process

A phrase I repeat to myself often, chiefly when mired down in the middle of a draft: "Trust the process."

OK, We're Finished Here

"The ability to know when something is done is a skill."

Roll With It

Your job when writing a story is to listen to what this material is telling you it needs to be, and go there.

Pace Yourself

It took a year to produce a first draft of "Unmortal". It was worth the wait.

Take Three Stiff Drinks And Sleep For A Week

With "Unmortal"'s first draft more or less finished, I think some wind-down is in order.

Bogging Down In Soggy Middles

How not to get stuck halfway through something you're writing.

We All Start Somewhere, Usually The Bottom

I was a terrible writer for a long time, but I didn't care how bad I was as long as I could keep trying, and could learn something with each trial.

No Hustle

I treat my writing career the way I do because I don't want it to become a "hustle".

Run Slowly Through The Tape

On not succumbing to the urge to just shove stuff off my desk and be done with it.

The Longest Possible Now

Near-future SF has always struck me as the most precarious kind of SF, because of its sell-by date.

Behind The Scenes With 'Flight Of The Vajra', Pt. 8: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for my space opera, 'Flight Of The Vajra', were it to have a soundtrack.

Behind The Scenes With 'Flight Of The Vajra', Pt. 7: The Themes

A discussion of the themes in 'Flight Of The Vajra', and how they are embodied there.

The Justdoitness Of Things

On how the dharma is for doing, not talking about.

My Unstoried Life

I've not lived a storied life, and I know it.

Behind The Scenes With 'Flight Of The Vajra', Pt. 6: The Supporting Cast

A rundown of the supporting characters in 'Flight Of The Vajra', and the roles they play.

Shoehorn Pt. 2: The Shoehorning

It's easily to write badly. It's even easier to write badly when everyone else gets away with it.

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