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The Least Weird Guy In The Room

One of the most humbling, and also clarifying, discoveries of my life was that while I liked weird stuff, I myself wasn't that weird.


A Passionate Mediocrity

On an author with a worldview that is more arrested development than substance.


Push My Envelope Dept.

"Transgressive" isn't what it used to be. Maybe it never was.


In Time

An intriguing SF concept is soon plundered for a mere neo-noir plotline, but save the pieces anyway.

It's Your Party And I'll Cry If I Want To Dept.

Why the current pop-culture Geek Movie Paradise orgy leaves me cold (again).

Ballard's Ballad Dept.

Why J.G. Ballard didn't write just "SF" or "litfic", but stories for and about our age.

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