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No Longer Human Vol. #3 (Usamaru Furuya, Osamu Dazai)

The manga adaptation of Japan's "Requiem for a Dream" comes to an unforgiving close, just as it should.


No Longer Human, Vol. #2 (Usamaru Furuya / Osamu Dazai)

Further down the spiral with both Osamu Dazai and his 21st-century interpretation via manga master Usamaru Furuya.

No Longer Human Vol. #1 (Usamaru Furuya / Osamu Dazai)

A magnificent bleak manga adaptation of Japan's "Requiem for a Dream". Still timely and relevant -- and bleak.

Dehumanizer Dept.

It's so very, very hard not to start babbling like a little kid about some things. In between meetings in the city over the last couple of days, I ran over to Kinokuniya and found the third volume of the...

Lychee Light Club (Usamaru Furuya)

There was a time when I sought out writing and artwork that seemed to exist mostly to find rules to break. William Burroughs, Dennis Cooper, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Maldoror, Eden Eden Eden, Michael Gira’s The Consumer. Once the novelty of all...

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