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Wiki Work(i)

Progress report on my personal wiki software; organization for creatives and everyone else too.

Power Tools

On Scrivener, Granthika, TiddlyWiki, and now my project for helping writers organize their work.

One Year Later...

Kicking off 2020.


Get On With It

On not over-documenting creative work.


The Long And Winding Checklist

On using (and abusing) the rewrite process's "things to do" list.

Character Building Exercises Dept.

Sometimes making things hard on yourself doesn't "build character"; it just makes things harder than they have to be.

Wikispertise Dept.

Notes towards using a wiki for managing a writing project, 2017 edition.


Still Sorting It All Out Dept.

More notes on using a wiki to declutter my creative head.

Sorting It All Out Dept.

On using a wiki to declutter my creative head.


To Get Organizized Dept.

More on organizing creativity (isn't that an oxymoron)?

Taking (Ever)Note Dept.

How I learned to stop worrying and love creating a proper wiki for my writing projects.

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