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Give It Away Now, February 2021 Edition

Want to read one of my books for free, along with a bunch of others that might be interesting? Check out my currently running promotions through ProlificWorks.

A Minor Oops, Un-Oopsed

The purchase links for Fall Of The Hammer went to the wrong books. This has since been corrected.


Glimpses Of The Near Future Shelf

A look at the upcoming "remastered" editions of my books "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned", "Welcome To The Fold", and "Flight Of The Vajra".

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 8: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for my new novel 'Fall Of The Hammer'.

'The Fall Of The Hammer' Is Now Available!

My new fantasy/adventure novel (well, it's a lot more than that, really) is now available on Kindle and in print.

The Fix(-Up) Is In

Proof edits on 'Fall Of The Hammer' almost done. It was worth it.

The Dead-Tree Difference

In re the magic of editing on something other than a screen.

These Last Few Touches

'Fall Of The Hammer' inches yet closer to release. Just a few lingering changes, and a lesson learned from same.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 7: The Themes

A discussion of the themes in my new novel, and how they are embodied there.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 6: The Supporting Cast

A discussion of the supporting cast in my new novel, and the roles they play.

Waiting On Proof

Awaiting a proof copy of my new novel "The Fall Of The Hammer".

The Lights Are On, And The Doors Will Open Shortly

I've launched the blog landing page for my new novel, The Fall Of The Hammer! Orders will be taken real soon now!

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 5: The Characters

An introduction to the roster of characters for my new novel, starting with the main characters.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 4: The Story

How everything from 'The Stars My Destination' to 'Streets Of Fire' (and even 'Justice League', in a negative way!) fed into the making of my new novel.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 3: The Influences

A rundown of some of the other stories and films that influenced 'Hammer''s growth and direction.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 2: The Idea

The alterna-past setting and backstory for my new novel, 'Fall Of The Hammer'.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 1: The Origins

How my new novel 'Fall Of The Hammer' started from a project I'd abandoned over twenty-five years ago.

You Deserve To Know What's Up, Late July 2020 Edition

Much hard work ensuing here at Chez Infinimata, and on multiple fronts: current book, new book, software.

Hard Work Is Its Own Reward, Or So They Told Me

Not a great week or so, to be honest. Much emotional rollercoastering, much of it project related. And not in the ways you might think.

Things You Deserve To Know, June 2020 Edition

Some progress notes in re the latest novel, Fall Of The Hammer.

A Bucket Back Into The Well

On new work in progress.

The Answer Print Stage

If I was a filmmaker, my latest book would be at what could be the "answer print" phase. Done, but not quite *done*.

Nothing Like That Now, Honest

A note to myself: Be careful how you describe your story to others, because any one word can produce an image that doesn't match the reality.

Chewing Through My Bit

I want to get Fall Of The Hammer finished and put to bed so I can get on with the next big thing.

The Me Agenda

I'm not on anyone's schedule but my own, although it's sometimes hard to remember that.

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