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Faster Typewriters (2020/06/11 08:00)
I never want to make the argument that we should refrain from making things easier as some kind of hedge against mediocrity.

The New Toy (2020/06/02 08:00)
A new notebook computer enters my hands, and once again I'm boggled by progress.

From The Bunker (2020/03/18 01:00)
Like most of you, I'm "sheltering in place" -- which is actually not all that different from what I already do. The difference is that now I don't have a choice.


When The Gears Mesh, And When The Lightbulb Goes On (2019/11/06 08:00)
When tech works it's a wonderful thing. The rest of the time... (Self-written blog software edition.)

Blog On (2019/03/27 05:00)
Toying with Pelican, Nikola, and other static site generators.


Mop And Pail, Dustpan And Broom (2018/12/04 05:00)
How PCs become trash accumulators that rival any closet, garage, crawlspace, or basement.

Pounded To Death (2018/11/24 09:00)
I go through keyboards the way other people go through pencils.

Ray And The Great Unpluggening (2018/10/05 05:00)
How Ray Bradbury saw a cellphone-addicted future. No, not in that book about book-burning.

No Humans Allowed (2018/07/21 08:00)
Once again: Whatever it is we're designing our world for, it isn't the human being.

Nobloggy But Me (2018/04/15 08:00)
Blogging never "died"; it's just become harder to see. But it's as crucial as ever.

The Problem With The Rat Race Is That Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat (2018/03/23 08:00)
On media both social and antisocial.

Philosophizing With A Megaphone (2018/03/12 05:00)
On Twitter as a case study in technical non-solutions to social problems.

The Mashup Men (2018/02/06 08:00)
On making something new from a whole lot of somethings old.

Breakin' (2018/02/05 05:00)
These past couple of days have been a cavalcade of non-stop technical and mechanical failure.


TV Or Not TV (2017/12/08 08:00)
More on the de-boob-tubing of my life.

Don't Techno For An Answer (2017/12/07 08:00)
"The computer has almost since its beginning been a solution looking for a problem."

Moving Parts (2017/11/25 08:00)
Reverse engineering shouldn't be a prerequisite to working with technology.

The Word's The Word (2017/08/24 08:00)
On Hugh Howey's wish list for a word processor.

Face Down In The Cesspool (2017/08/23 07:00)
A year and change ago, I mostly quit social media. I don't think that's likely to change.

Do You Mind? Dept. (2017/04/19 08:00)
On the idea that we can use technology to amplify human intelligence.


Halt And Catch Fire Dept. (2016/12/13 08:00)
"PC" stands for "Persnickety Computer."

Am I Blu? Dept. (2016/01/05 10:00)
I know I'm not 4K, that's for sure.


Strange Days (2015/10/20 10:00)
Twenty years on, James Cameron's (and Kathryn Bigelow's) millennial cyberpunk masterwork still packs the kinds of wallops mainstream filmmaking has retreated from in near-panic

The Switch Is Still Stuck Dept. (2015/10/16 06:00)
Migration issues continue.

It's Just This Little Chromium Switch Here Dept. (2015/10/15 09:20)
Still migrating servers.

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