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Up The Academy

No more superhero/wizard academies based on British boarding schools, please!


Justice League Repair Shop

Why was 'Justice League' only okay instead of epic? How could it have been made epic? Here's my plan.

The Justice League Project(ion)

If my theories about the movie prove wrong, I can make hay from them. I've done it before.


Playing Catchup Dept.

Batman v Superman, and Writerman v Plotcomplicationthings.

Stuporheroes Dept.

Age of Dulltron.


Man of Steel

Man of Steel understands Superman well enough to know he should be taken seriously, even if it doesn't always quite know how to make that understanding real.

The Avengers

What was it about last year's superhero blockbuster that turned out to be so ... average?

Man of Steel, Fans of Clay Dept.

Why the longing for "escapism" is problematic.

None More Dark Dept.

Ugliness is not a total synonym for "truth".

Write Here And Now Dept.

The most fantastic things work best when they are rooted in the most familiar.

A Man of Steel With Feet Of Clay Dept.

Why "Man of Steel"'s Superman is a little more interesting, and problematic, than you might expect. (Warning: spoilers.)

Wide Eyed And Legless Dept.

We will always find a new way to be naive, and that's a good thing.

The Dark Knight

For some, The Dark Knight was the moment when the “comic book movie” finally became cinema. For others, it was the moment when the bottom fell out.


Batman Begins

I have a theory—perhaps a crazy one, but crazy theories are a favorite hobby of mine: that what science fiction did for the advancement of science, superhero comics may eventually do for sociology and public action. Yesterday’s SF dreams are...

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