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What We Bring To The Table

Learning to find your own take on things you read or watch gives you a sense of what you can bring to your own work, too.

The Great Maybe

Skepticism of one's own positions is difficult to cultivate, in big part because the rest of the world openly defies us to doubt ourselves constructively.

What They All Deserved

On being daring in a story, without that being an excuse for cruelty.

Time Manglement Issues (2021 Edition)

There's a division between the "gruntwork" and "creative play" sides of any creative endeavor -- the times when you just need to put words out, and the times when you need to toy mentally and daydream.


Roads Not Taken, And All That

Musings on the guy I almost was.

Anxiety Of Influence, Once Again

You don't want to run from your influences. You want to walk away from them.


Would You Do It Anyway?

"Do you enjoy doing it?" is, I think, only half the statement. The way I would put it is, "Would you do this anyway?"

This Art-Too Unit Has A Bad Motivator

More from Steve on the whole vexed issue of doing what you think you want to do, not what you actually want to do.

Anxieties Of Influence

"...there’s a chance if you’re inspired by an author or a creator, you won’t do it quite right."

Offerings Not Demands, Palettes Not Hierarchies

I have long held a motto of my own that I think is an echo of what Steve is putting out here: Palettes, not hierarchies.

Go Elsewhere, Young Man

"The best way to write fiction is to read, watch, and listen to anything but fiction." I am not sure that it is the best way, but I think it is ultimately one of the most valuable.

The Paradox Of Limits

Maybe we need to speak of focus rather than limits.

The Unfinishing Touches

On imperfection in creative work.

Advertisement(s) For Myself

On confronting my uneasy feelings about self-promotion.

Office Space

Steven Savage's latest post is about "rethinking work", and it reminded me of an anecdote courtesy of Milton Glaser...

KISS And Make Up

The productivity virtues of keeping it simple, stupid.

The Problem With The Rat Race Is That Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat

On media both social and antisocial.


Rock (Un)Steady

Just because something's in your story doesn't mean that's what your story's about.

The Benefits Of A Cracking Good Yarn

What storytelling can do that a straight rundown of facts can't.

Bad Guys Never Lose Dept.

Don't think good and evil; think why and how.


No Future For You Dept. (Pt. 1)

What happened to the cool future we all imagined? Maybe it wasn't all of us that imagined it, or wanted it.

Oh, Grow Up Already Dept.

Living forever without actually growing up first seems like a non-starter.

That Superior Feeling Dept.

Godhood without humanity: the gains hardly seem worth the degeneracy.

With A Finger In My I Dept.

"I want to live forever." Yes, but which I?

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