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The Kessel Run Is A Unit Of ... Fun

How consistency, foolish or otherwise, can be the hobgoblin of small minds in SF&F.


Why The Force Isn't With Me Anymore

I didn't leave Star Wars. Star Wars left me. And not in the way you might think.


Monster Mouse

It isn't Disney that's the problem with Star Wars; it's us, and not in the way you might think.


Content, Content Everywhere

On the desire to turn everything into a franchise.


Wake Up, Force! Dept.

It's 1977 all over again, sort of.


Captain, If We Go By The Book Dept.

"... then this movie will seem like every other one. Do you read me?"

Set Focus To Infinity Dept.

Be your own dang "focus group".

A New (Old) Hope Dept.

On rewriting Lucas from his own notes: a nifty idea.

It's Your Party And I'll Cry If I Want To Dept.

Why the current pop-culture Geek Movie Paradise orgy leaves me cold (again).

Wide Eyed And Legless Dept.

We will always find a new way to be naive, and that's a good thing.

The New Darth Dept.

Why there will be no "this generation's Star Wars", not even from Star Wars itself.

Thanks But No Thanks Dept.

J.J. Abrams can have his Star Trek Wars, but include me out.

Shichinin no Jedi Dept.

Lucas honors Kurosawa yet again, by remaking him.


Jedi Mouseketeers Dept.

And the lamb opened the sixth seal ...


May The Force Be With Blu Dept.

That cracking sound is hell freezing over once more. A Blu-ray edition of the Star Wars movies is on the way, according to official Lucasfilm sources. Will they finally do the right thing, after all this time, and give us...

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