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Outside The Copying Spiral

How do you get out of the spiral of copying your influences to producing truly original work?


Book Nook Dept.

Ten things from my shelf I'd take into isolation, 2017 edition.

Science Affliction Dept.

I call my work SF because I gotta call it something.


Certified Copy Dept.

How to learn from the authors you admire, without cloning their work.


научная фантастика Dept.

Russian SF revisited.

Only Connect Dept.

"... real talent manifests itself not in a writer's affectation but 'in the exactness of his observation [and] the justice of his situations.'"


Lemination Dept.

Cinemascope » Ari Folman looks into a future past “Bashir”.... Folman has previously disclosed his intention on diving back into animation and named the adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s 1971 novel The Futurological Congress as his next project.Color me very sold....

Booked Up Dept.

I don't talk much about SF, for a couple of reasons.I feel out of the loop. I haven't kept up with what's been happening in SF as a whole for a long time now, mostly for the same reasons I...

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