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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

On leaving behind a teacher who's outlived their usefulness.

But Of Course You Have Heroes

Maybe one should not have heroes, I once said, if only because they are mortal and have feet of clay and will inevitably disappoint you. But I know I have them.

Higher Ground

On the disconnect between the highest and most refined forms of spiritual guidance, and the day-to-day suffering people have.

In The Right Spirit

More notes on writing SF&F, as a Buddhist- and Zen-influenced author.


The Enormity Of The World's Grief

"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief." Easier said than done.

All The Money In The World

Even if you had it, then what?

From Inside Out, Pt. 3,276

Spiritual advice don't mean a thing if it don't come from within.


A Cure For The No Future Blues

ON SF exhaustion, and the point of believing in tomorrow.

Even One Word Is Power

I write fiction because I do not want to die feeling I have had no control over my life.


Enlightenment NOW!!!

The desire for something quick is not itself wrong.


Beyond Good And Evil, And All That

In re: "Trying to find absolute rights and wrongs is a trick we play on ourselves to feel comfortable."

The Nose On Your Face (And Everyone Else's)

On training yourself to see the obvious things.

Shall We Put A Label On That? Dept.

Given my interest in Zen, am I writing "Buddhist fiction"? I'm dubious.

Guidance Is Internal Dept.

My thoughts have become less in the vein of, "What is the wisdom to be sought?" and more in the vein of, "How is this wisdom to be germinated in each of us?" (Warning: Late-night blather-y.)


I'll Tell Me What To Do Dept.

More on spiritual authority.

The Mind At The End Of The World Dept.

For sentient beings who have considered suicide when the world seemed to be enuf.


I'm (Sort Of) A Believer Dept.

Me and my, uh, belief system, whatever you wanna call it.

Holy Fools Dept.

I'll tell me what to really think.

The Irreplaceables Dept.

You are, in fact, a special and unique snowflake. And this should terrify you.

No Mind Doesn't Mean Mindless Dept.

Zen's "no-mind" means humility, not cultivated ignorance.


A Healthy Level Of Disconnect Dept.

On not getting too attached.

You Are What You Dream Dept.

Even our entertainments are works of art whether or not we like it, and have the chance to be taken very, very seriously by somebody out there.

Karma Chameleon Dept.

Yet another example of pop spirituality getting it wrong.


Great Minds Think Differently Dept.

Why am I, the atheist, reading a book of religious philosophy? Homework, but some other things too.

Me Lack Space In The Spirit Dept.

More on the general avoidance of discussions about spirituality in futurism.

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