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Crisis? What Crisis?

On the concept of accelerationism.

The Human Use Of Human Beings, And All That

What are people for in SF&F? To show us what's possible, and to show how that's possible right here, not just "out there somewhere."

Join The Faker's Club

On the sociology of impostor syndrome.

Short Attention Span Theater

Distraction or recreation? On the meaning of fun.

Here Comes The Pain

I fight the idea that the only sensible response to a world that seems to be driving itself mad is to hide under one's desk with one's head in the wastebasket.

The Strongest Poison

A nightmare of how the power of modern envy makes it the deadliest of human emotions.


Public Image Limited

In re: "People care as much or more about their identity and having it validated as they care about material interests."

Fearful Asymmetries, 2021 Edition

When we talk about the ugly asymmetries in modern politics -- one side is far less sane than the other, let's face it -- talk arises of whether or not said people are in fact out of their minds.

How Can You Say You Know Me When I Don't Even Know Myself?

It's impossible to control what happens when people pay attention to you in numbers. Just respond as gracefully as you can.

Let's Blow This Popsicle Stand

When you are faced with a world this chaotic and nasty, is the only sane response to reject it wholesale?

World Brain Blues, And Cheers

"...the mind extends into the world and augments the capacities of the biological brain with outside-the-brain resources."

The Not-David-Brooks Road To Character

Stephen Downes and a few wise words on the idea of "character".


Why You Can't Shame The Shameless

On the largely ineffectual ways we've grappled with the corruption of public morals.

Selecting For Stupid

Why spam scams are illiterate by design: to weed out the skeptical and keep the suckers.

You'll Pay To Know What You Really Feel!

On Stjepan G. Meštrović's notion of the "postemotional society".

A Dream That Lasts Longer Than The Night

"How come it is easier for us to imagine the end of the world than a modest change in our economic order?" Let me take a crack at this, including how it relates to SF.

The New Absurd Is The New Normal

And how we might be able to write about it.

From Inside Out, Pt. 3,276

Spiritual advice don't mean a thing if it don't come from within.


The Destructive Frivolity Of The Incurably Serious

"The most destructive frivolity of all comes only from the incurably serious."

Why Nelson The Miscreant Was Right

"...the wretched of the earth might not be wholly responsible for their wretchedness."

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

"...what we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument."


People who say "I'm a jerk and proud of it" are sending a signal they should be avoided. The problem is we aren't always in a position to enact that advice.

Out Of Touch

The number of things we need to have an opinion about right this second is not as large as it might seem.

Freedom Yeah Right

"... from where I sit, freedom isn't choice. Freedom is agency. Indeed, choice - by limiting agency - is often the opposite of freedom."

Nowhere To Go Drinking

People need a place to go that's just a place to gather.

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