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The Cardinal Sin Of Repeating Myself

No matter how much I try to avoid it, I see more similarities than differences in everything I write. But is that a problem?


Unscripted Dept.

How I decided to try taking the plunge back into screenwriting.


Alan Smithee's Revenge Dept.

The screwing of screenwriters: they can't even take their names off a production anymore.


Combine Fifteen Beats, Simmer, Serves Ten Million Dept.

How "story beats" have killed storytelling, especially in Hollywood.

Template In The Head Dept.

Why checklist-driven, beat-structure construction works in the short run but is ruinous in the long run.

Paint By Letters Dept.

The number-crunchers have arrived in the screenwriting department. Pray.


Cowboys & Aliens

How I would have fixed Jon Favreau's cross-genre dud.

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