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Stories Of The New Weird Normal (2020/07/30 05:00)
How to seek out stories that intelligently confront the moral complexity of the 21st century.

The Unplanned Obsolescence Of Our Dreams (2020/03/20 08:00)
SF and fantasy both have shelf lives, but drastically different kinds.


Justice League Repair Shop (2017/11/20 08:00)
Why was 'Justice League' only okay instead of epic? How could it have been made epic? Here's my plan.

Changing It Up (2017/08/05 07:00)
Take a book that's not SF. Imagine it as SF. What would it be like?

Non SF&F Writing For SF&F Authors (2017/05/19 10:00)


Wake Up, Force! Dept. (2015/12/20 10:00)
It's 1977 all over again, sort of.

A Better Tomorrow Dept. (2015/09/14 09:00)
"We expect more change than actually happens in the future because we imagine our lives have changed more than they actually have."

Predestination (2015/08/02 10:00)
How did this astonishing little miracle of a movie -- easily the best adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's work to film yet -- pass without leaving so much as a ripple?

Bigger Is Not Better Dept. (2015/05/20 10:00)
We've got to put a stop to these doorstoppers.

The Nut Job Dept. (2015/03/18 10:00)
SF's sparks of crazy in the '60s and '70s were a market condition, not an innovation.

Mudpie Trebuchet Dept. (2015/02/09 10:30)
Breitbart flings mud at SF's power structure, soils own shirt. More at 11.

Gendergapped Dept. (2015/02/06 10:00)
Can gaming's great women characters be written by men? | Polygon ... writers are required to create convincing characters who are different from themselves. But in video games, writers have tended towards idealized versions of themselves. I take this as...

Canonade Dept. (2015/01/06 10:00)
More literary canon calamities.


You Figure It Out Dept. (2014/12/28 05:00)
On the consequences of not knowing what you really want.

They Blinded Me With Science Dept. (2014/11/16 10:00)
On why non-SF writers sometimes disdain SF, continued.

Oh, You Want To Live Forever? Dept. (2014/09/15 02:00)
Ideas of immortality, old and new, re-examined.

The Adventures Of Lem(my) Caution Dept. (2014/09/13 01:00)
Why great SF has typically been cautionary and not just visionary.

The Hieroglyph On The Wall Dept (2014/09/10 10:00)
A peek at the Hieroglyph, up close.

Hieroglyph The Third Dept. (2014/09/09 10:00)
Yet more on 'Hieroglyph' and a better future for all who can afford it.

Hieroglyph Redux Dept. (2014/09/08 01:00)
On 'Hieroglyph', take two.

Heaven Is A Flying Car And A Laser Gun Dept. (2014/09/08 12:00)
Why an anthology of techno-positivist SF raises hackles with me.

A You-Shaped Hole In The World Dept. (2014/09/03 10:00)
On standing on the shoulders of giants, but only to jump free.

Two Cultures And In Between Dept. (2014/09/01 10:00)
Are SF and literary work at odds because creators of the latter are trained not to think out of the box?

Certified Copy Dept. (2014/08/31 10:00)
How to learn from the authors you admire, without cloning their work.

On Staring Away From The Abyss Dept. (2014/08/30 10:00)
Let's gaze into something other than the abyss - but not our navels either.

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