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Predestination (2015/08/02 10:00)
How did this astonishing little miracle of a movie -- easily the best adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's work to film yet -- pass without leaving so much as a ripple?


I Opening Dept. (2013/02/25 10:00)
The first step away from earthly vanity is cosmic humility.

Shelved Dept. (2013/01/29 10:00)
On the whole alternate universe of unfilmed movies that exists only as scripts in a vault somewhere.


I Will Fear No Criticism Dept. (2012/11/27 01:04)
An iconoclastic critical take on Heinlein has some truth to it, but only some.

Only Connect Dept. (2012/05/26 10:00)
"... real talent manifests itself not in a writer's affectation but 'in the exactness of his observation [and] the justice of his situations.'"


The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made (David Hughes) (2011/04/25 10:22)
Hollywood’s messy love affair with science fiction is documented beautifully in this overview of SF movies which either made it to the screen only after great developmental strife (Dune, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four) or never made it at all (The...

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