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Blade Runner 2049

A blueprint for how to do the impossible -- namely, follow up a classic: give it to another artist of vision and stand back.



Ridley Scott's pre-side-quel to the "Alien" mythos has elements of great insight and wisdom coexisting with utter boneheadedness.

Creator Knows Best Dept.

If we can't let artists make mistakes with their own work, then they won't be free to make happy discoveries either.


Open Mouth Already A Mistake Dept.

Just enough is more, especially when showing as opposed to telling.


Blade Runner

Blade Runner is not about the cities of the future, but about the human race of the future. This probably seems like heresy when talking about a film which has become to visions of the urban future what J.R.R. Tolkien’s...



This was a murdered movie, cut to pieces by its own studio and all but abandoned. It has been brought back to life in a magnificent DVD edition that restores almost everything that was hacked out of it and brings...

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