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Bubble Poppers And What-Iffers

The more outside your bubble you have at your command, the more you have to answer any "what if?" in your work.


The Books Or The Lifestyle Dept.

There's little in the way of serious literature out there about the psychodynamics of role-playing games.


Background and Foreground Dept.

On the kinds of reading and research I do -- and don't do -- as a prepwork for a project.

Bursting Bubbles Dept.

Seems that expanding one's frame of reference isn't always about aiming "higher".

Mind The Gap, Gap The Mind Dept.

On the spiritual junk food of cult consciousness (and how it's one of the many topics of the new book-in-progress).


The NaNo Bookshelf

Because so much of what I'm doing with Tokyo Inferno requires research and documentation, I've been building a bookshelf of titles to keep close at hand while writing the book. Many of the things listed here I've mentioned before, or...

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