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I Liked The Movie Better. No, Really. (2020/07/29 05:00)
Sometimes adapting something, as one form of remaking it, can do it a favor.


The Firstest With The Mostest (2019/02/09 01:00)
If remakes are trash, it's because the true potential of such a project is not the motive.


(Don't) Do It Again Dept. (2014/06/27 10:00)
Remakes: the poor man's newness.

Oldboy (2013) (2014/03/05 10:00)
The worst thing about Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' is that it could well have been made by most anyone.


By The Numbers Again Dept. (2013/05/25 10:00)
Template-driven storytelling strikes again (and again, and again).

Leeboy Dept. (2013/04/15 01:00)
Spike Lee, remaking "Oldboy": I'm excited, and nervous.

Do-Over (And Over, And Over) Dept. (2013/02/18 02:00)
In a conversation with a friend about remakes, said friend noted that there are three things you need to do with a remake: Retell the old story, and not only do it justice but pay proper homage to it. Update...


The Last Princess (The Hidden Fortress (2009)) (2010/11/24 06:09)
The first half of The Last Princess gave me hope—not much hope, but hope all the same—that this remake of The Hidden Fortress, one of Akira Kurosawa’s better films, would not be the crashing bore that was Tsubaki Sanjuro or...

Tsubaki Sanjuro (2008) (2010/07/24 02:09)
I am not, in principle, against remakes. I am against them when they add nothing to a movie that was perfectly good all by itself. The problem is that the economics of moviemaking no longer favor storytelling, let alone individual...


Gross Anatomy: Black Jack Butchered In The Remaking (2009/08/18 03:02)
Truth in advertising. Ever get the feeling you’d been cheated? There’s a clutch of words that when uttered in the presence of fans can elicit near-homicidal reactions. One of them is censorship: if there’s even the suggestion that a title...

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