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Feeding Your Head (Pt. Three Thousand & Six)

I'd rather have people sincerely interested in things, whatever cultural level they live at, than be wannabe tastemakers forever jonesing to expand their reach.

The Case For Preferring Older Books

You miss out on less than you think.


Don't Write What You Know, Write How You Know It

Looking at two bits of reading and writing advice from Saul Bellow.

The Critic-Proof Story

Spoiler: It doesn't exist.

Bailout Protocol

When is it OK to quit reading a "boring" book?

It's A Living

If written fiction's becoming nothing but a prelude to adaptation, what's that mean for written fiction itself?


A Classic Dilemma Dept.

Young-adult fiction and the classics, once again.

Self-Improvement Dept.

"As long as people are reading something..."

Dr. Goodreads Dept.

On why hyping yourself always feels like it should be someone else's job -- except when it really isn't.

Reading Is Fun(damental) Dept.

Hit the books! Harder! Harder, I say!

A Washing Machine In The Sky Dept.

Why literary fiction often chooses to be fantastic in such a straight-laced way.

This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get Dept.

"In a few generations, there will be no new ideas, only popular ones."


The Perfect Gateway Drug Dept.

More on the mistaken idea that a given work of SF/fantasy can "convert" the non-fandom masses.


Talked To Death Dept.

On long-form work in a short-form culture.

Covering All The Bases Dept.

A four-quadrant approach to writing: making it both fun and deep.

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