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Wrinkling My Nose

Where am I obliged to like anything merely because it exists?

The Tragedy Of The Cultural Engineers

Those who are most in the position to effect massive social changes through cultural engineering at scale are hidebound from doing so.

The Art Of All, 2022 Edition

"All entertainment is art whether we like it or not" holds up better with every passing year, and for many reasons.

The Popligopoly

"When you’ve got a million movies to pick from, picking a safe, familiar option seems more sensible than gambling on an original." Discuss.


More Than This

One of the things Buddhism tries to get you to recognize within yourself is how all the things you are aren't "you".


Game Over Player One

What's sad about Ready Player One (and Two): the commanding power cultural nostalgia holds over people in bad times is worth exploring. Just not in a story like that.

Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be, Not That It Ever Was

I don't want better versions of the past. I want a future that has the kind of better only the future can offer.

High And Low

On the marriage of popular and artistic sensibilities (not that they were all that far from each other?)

Crossover Events

For fun I ran down a list of popular culture things that nobody really had expectations for, but which sort of escaped their box and went on to become major cultural landmarks.

The Pop Problem

What is it I really want from popular culture? Typically something rare.

Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be

At some point in my life, I realized I didn't want to "go back" to anything, because there was no such thing as "going back".


Monster Mouse

It isn't Disney that's the problem with Star Wars; it's us, and not in the way you might think.

Beat Zen, Square Zen, And Fad Zen

If someone is now interested in something that once only had faddish appeal, their interest has a far greater chance of being genuine.

We'll Always Have The Avengers

Ubiquitous cultural things don't thrill me, because they're in no danger of vanishing.

The Performance Index

On gauging artistic quality by way of popularity, always a bad move.


Same Old, Same Old

Our Gray Goo Media problem.


On contempt for popular culture as an easy way out.


Drowning In The Popcult Goldmine Dept.

How to survive the modern digital cultural flood: have no sense of history.


But That's Still Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man Dept.

I think, therefore I differ.


Tout Comprendre C'est Tout Pardonner And All That Dept.

To understand doesn't mean we have to forgive. See: comic book movies, et al.

The Good Old Dark Ages Dept

You can only play the "honesty" card for sex and violence so many times.


Throne Out The Baby With The Bathwater Dept.

My failure to connect with "Game of Thrones."


Wrestling Match Dept.

The classics aren't things to put on pillars. But neither is popular culture.

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