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We Are Absolutely Sure There Is No Future

On the absolute primacy of the present moment (part 6,312).

The Fault In Our Stars, And The Responsibilities Engendered Thereof

"I keep thinking," my friend said, "that if only I'd done more, we wouldn't be in this mess we're in now." Were they right?

The Goggles We Wear

For an artist, worldview is all.


Man Against Myth (Barrows Dunham)

Barrows Dunham's 1947 work of popular philosophy deserves the widest possible audience in 2020.

A Dream That Lasts Longer Than The Night

"How come it is easier for us to imagine the end of the world than a modest change in our economic order?" Let me take a crack at this, including how it relates to SF.

Exact Thinking In Demented Times, And Other Delights

On Sir Popper's beautiful mind as an antidote for this terrible moment.

Cold World Blues

"The universe doesn't care about our feelings" isn't an excuse to be mean. No condition of life is an excuse.

Everyone Knows Utopia Is Nowhere

On those who believe in incremental solutions -- progressive and conservative alike -- and those who believe in burning the whole house down and starting over.


Havel's Optimism, December 2019 Edition

Stories aren't about happy or sad endings. They're about making sense of what happens.

Conditions Are Never Ideal, Pt. One Thousand And Six

There's no sense in delaying life because things aren't quite right yet. (A redux.)

Constructive Loafing

On Zen as the "do-nothing" philosophy (which it isn't).

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

"...what we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument."

Freedom Yeah Right

"... from where I sit, freedom isn't choice. Freedom is agency. Indeed, choice - by limiting agency - is often the opposite of freedom."

Sneaking Up On The Generalities

Instead of attacking them head-on.

The Passive Type

Zen as nonintellectual, rather than anti-intellectual. But also non-passive.

Forest, Trees, Fox, Hedgehog

On the difference between foxes and hedgehogs.

An Infinitely Receding Horizon

"...while surely there will be a time to rest, it is not now."


Do(ing) The Right Thing

"moral action is also, inevitably, practical action, and immoral action is inevitably impractical..."

Nowhere Are We Commanded To Be Doormats

Kevin Drum dropped an aphorism worth repeating: "When you write, pretend you’re writing for people you respect."

Too Smart For Your Own Good

"Beginner's mind" is not something we can impose on others.

The Uncertainty Principle

What did Bertrand Russell mean when he said, "Do not feel absolutely certain of anything"?


"The other, of course, involves orcs."

Moral Men And Immoral Societies

"The very ordinariness of human life seemed a kind of original sin, the sin of not being extraordinary enough to recognize and resist evil."

From The Shoulders Of Giants, The View Is Lovely Indeed

"The negation of a [scientific] theory is not a new theory."

The Reason They Export Molson Is Because Canadians Are Too Smart To Drink That Bilge

I was going to say something about Jordan Peterson, but this article beat me to it.

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