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Outside The Copying Spiral

How do you get out of the spiral of copying your influences to producing truly original work?


The Future Is A Hodgepodge

If there is a "throughline" for our moment in time, it's not something that condenses itself down to the kind of overarching planning found in fiction.


Blade Runner 2049

A blueprint for how to do the impossible -- namely, follow up a classic: give it to another artist of vision and stand back.


Down With The PKDness

On adapting Phil Dick's work to film and TV, and why this most unfilmable of authors has been filmed so much.


I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe!

On 'Blade Runner 2049': All these moments in time must be kept, like tears from the rain.

Book Nook Dept.

Ten things from my shelf I'd take into isolation, 2017 edition.

Science Affliction Dept.

I call my work SF because I gotta call it something.


I Opening Dept.

The first step away from earthly vanity is cosmic humility.

Ballard's Ballad Dept.

Why J.G. Ballard didn't write just "SF" or "litfic", but stories for and about our age.


Only Connect Dept.

"... real talent manifests itself not in a writer's affectation but 'in the exactness of his observation [and] the justice of his situations.'"

No Humans Allowed Dept.

In the end, SF is always about the humans -- especially the humans reading your work.

Human Wave 7: To Be Internally Consistent

"Be consistent with your own aims." If your world falls apart, it had better be for a good reason.


Cringeworthy Dept.

For some reason I'm still getting flyers from QPB, even though I haven't ordered anything from them in too long a span of time to remember. This issue, however, featured something so cringe-worthy I had to show it here: their...


A Peek Ahead Dept.

I was putting together a Suggested Reading list for a friend of mine, something for him to chew on while he worked on his next book. His current book (I'll have more to say about that soon) dealt with...

Booked Up Dept.

I don't talk much about SF, for a couple of reasons.I feel out of the loop. I haven't kept up with what's been happening in SF as a whole for a long time now, mostly for the same reasons I...


Blade Runner

Blade Runner is not about the cities of the future, but about the human race of the future. This probably seems like heresy when talking about a film which has become to visions of the urban future what J.R.R. Tolkien’s...

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