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Look Under The Sun

How to find something new there. (And how to make it.)


The Kipple Salad Diet

What's the difference between just "jamming some stuff together" to make a story, and molding raw material into something truly new?

The Big Rip-Off

How not to feel pre-empted when something you want to create resembles something else out there.


True Weird

A world where we mandate weirdness is just as unproductive as a world where we mandate its removal.


Original Formula Dept.

It's important to deliver original things in the way that matter; it's not important to be original everywhere and always.


My One And Only Dept.

The original, the original, the original. Three times over.


Be Yourself, Lest You Be Someone Else Dept.

On weirdness as a substitute for being original.

The Positive Snob Dept.

On making a *constructive* argument for creative snobbery.

Not Too Original Now Dept.

You'll scare everyone off.


O.G.: Original Genre Dept.

How something classifies as "original" for us may be just as arbitrary as whether or not we like it in the first place.

It Might Play In Peoria, But Then We'd Have To Actually Try To Sell It There Dept.

On the word "unmarketable".

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