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Touching the Earth Once More Dept. (2010/10/10 10:10)
Back from New York Anime Comic Con Fest Mashup Thing Event. Impressions: They might have been better off just formally abandoning any "Anime Fest" description and just slotted in anime-themed programming generally. The end result here was that the anime...


Disappearing Act Dept. (2009/09/28 12:20)
My NYAF report is up at AMN -- and it's the last piece I'm doing for them of that size. After this the only things I'll be writing for them are reviews of material that I was already covering (like...

WickedFaire, &c. (2009/02/17 11:16)
A reminder: I'm going to be at WickedFaire this coming weekend, with books for sale and at least one panel discussion appearance. Everything I have will be available signed at the cover price ($12), as opposed to the $20 I...

Long Con Dept. (2009/02/01 10:37)
Comic-Con is this coming weekend. For me, it's partly a vacation, partly a job (I'm covering the whole thing for AMN), partly a family event (since I stay with my folks for the duration of the whole thing), partly a...

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