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The Spirit Of Eden (Talk Talk) (2020/06/02 08:00)
Over thirty years later, a record as jarringly fresh now -- maybe more so now -- than it was when it first undermined everyone's expectations.

May Your Playlists Never Run Dry (2020/02/01 08:00)
Most every story I've written has a soundtrack.


The Answer To Last Week's Puzzle (2018/01/08 05:00)
"Are we so desperate to solve our art?"


IT (Alan Vega) (2017/08/24 08:00)
Alan Vega is dead, and that means there will never be another Suicide album. But it also means there will never be another Alan Vega album, and that matters at least as much to me.

Find Your Voice To Lose Your Voice (2017/08/17 07:00)
"You’re going to find your voice.... The problem is getting rid of it."

Faith Some More Dept. (2017/06/26 07:00)
My books have soundtracks. Faith No More begs to provide one for a book as yet unwritten.


Major Malfunction (Keith Leblanc) (2016/07/06 08:00)
Bonus beats for a world that lives technology rather than just using it.

Power Inc. Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 (Tackhead) (2016/06/13 09:00)
Until we get a Tackhead box set, these two discs will have to do as a source for anthologizing most of the band's best sampler-drum-machine-and-funk moments.

Aoi no Ue (Jōji Yuasa) (2016/05/30 06:00)
The first of a series of records by Edition Omega Point that explores the undeservedly unheard Japanese avant-garde.

Push My Envelope Dept. (2016/05/24 06:00)
"Transgressive" isn't what it used to be. Maybe it never was.

City: Works Of Fiction (Jon Hassell) (2016/04/01 10:00)
Somewhere between Herbie Hancock's electronic pop-jazz of the 1980s and the more omnivorous, open-ended experimentalism of artists like David Byrne or Brian Eno.

None-Hit Wonders Dept. (2016/03/15 07:00)
If I'm in the habit of listening outside my well-worn grooves, nothing is disappointing or distasteful.


The Disintegration Loops (William Basinski) (2015/12/21 10:00)
If there is an award for The Saddest Music In The World, I present it now and forever to William Basinski's Disintegration Loops.

Soliloquy for Lilith (Nurse With Wound) (2015/12/19 11:00)
Those purveyors of sinister whimsy went headfirst into the abyss with this undulating black mirror of a record.

Filth Pig (Ministry) (2015/11/09 10:00)
Tar-caked, blackened, lugubrious, and barbed, the long-lambasted 1996 Ministry album has held up far better than seemed possible.

Trevor Jackson Presents Science Fiction Dancehall Classics (Various Artists) (2015/11/02 09:00)
Lost treasures from the dungeons of the On-U Sound label, unearthed at last.

Irrlicht (Klaus Schulze) (2015/06/10 10:00)
Klaus Schulze's first foray away from Tangerine Dream showed it wasn't the synths that made him what he is.

Soul Discharge (Boredoms) (2015/01/24 10:00)
Does humor belong in music? Yes, but even if it didn't, you're getting it anyway.


Execution Ground (Painkiller) (2014/05/26 10:00)
When John Zorn and Bill Laswell joined forces, the results were nothing short of seismic.

Liberation and Ecstasy (Vasilisk) (2014/03/08 10:00)
Japan's underground tribal unit didn't record much, but the best of its moments are here in one convenient place.

The Rest Is Silence Dept. (2014/02/24 02:30)
Goodbye, classical music.


As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade (Mark Stewart) (2013/12/28 10:00)
The best bad-sounding record you'll ever hear.

Samuraiera (Various Artists / Kaoru Inoue) (2013/10/04 10:00)
A fistful of "lost grooves from the land of the Rising Sun."

The Art In Yourself (All 57 Varieties) Dept. (2013/09/20 10:00)
The more kinds of art you try, the better your art becomes.

Any Color You Like As Long As It's Black Dept. (2013/08/20 10:00)
Why DC and Marvel are stuck in a taste trap of their own making.

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