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I Liked The Movie Better. No, Really. (2020/07/29 05:00)
Sometimes adapting something, as one form of remaking it, can do it a favor.

The Maltese Dafoe (2020/04/19 08:00)
Fantasy casting for a film that never was.

Still Waiting For Blu, 2020 Edition (2020/04/01 08:00)
Apropos of nothing. A rundown of some favorite movies of mine that have yet to enjoy a physical HD reissue.

The Burden Of Being Enthusiastic (2020/02/24 08:00)
I'm way behind on everything these days, and the biggest reason for that is there's just so much more of everything. But it's no crime to miss out, is it?


Russell's Folly (2019/11/07 08:00)
Ken Russell's "The Devils": not quite bad enough to be funny. But still awful.

2001: A Space Odyssey (2019/06/17 08:00)
Fifty years later, one of the greatest films ever made has scarcely aged a day in the ways that matter

Big Ticket Items (2019/04/26 08:00)
More on popular culture as a bad model for creator culture.

The Last Great Special Effect (2019/03/26 08:00)
It's sheer human effort.

The Firstest With The Mostest (2019/02/09 01:00)
If remakes are trash, it's because the true potential of such a project is not the motive.

The True(r) Story (2019/01/01 01:00)
On the fictions of the "true story" style of moviemaking.


The Kid In The Window Stays In The Picture (2018/12/28 03:00)
On reading Scorsese talk about Scorsese.

Catching My Eye (2018-12-10 Edition) (2018/12/10 05:00)
Stuff I'm looking out for, anticipating, and recommending.

Liquid Sky (2018/05/01 08:00)
The original new-wave (maybe also no-wave?) film, with its blaze of low-budget images, mixes cheesy science fiction, grimy bohemian drug tragedy, psychedelic experimentalism, and no-budget arthouse drama

A Second Life On Video (2018/04/21 08:00)
Movies have more second lives than ever, but only because they barely have first ones.

But Will It Play For The Over-21 Set? (2018/03/13 05:00)
How different a standard should we have for works aimed at younger audiences vs. those aimed at "all" audiences?

The Lift (2018/02/15 08:00)
A dopey dud: a mix of satire and horror that doesn't manage to be either funny or scary.

57 Channels Redux (2018/01/05 05:00)
And still nothing on.

Player Zero (2018/01/05 08:00)
On why books need to be written to be books, not film pitches-to-be.


Justice League Repair Shop (2017/11/20 08:00)
Why was 'Justice League' only okay instead of epic? How could it have been made epic? Here's my plan.

Just Us (2017/11/19 08:00)
On 'Justice League' itself. Beware spoilers.

Half A League Onward (2017/11/17 08:00)
My 'Justice League' theory is bust-ice league. But that's a good thing!

A Reason, Not An Excuse (2017/10/21 08:00)
Creative motives matter.

The Justice League Project(ion) (2017/10/09 07:00)
If my theories about the movie prove wrong, I can make hay from them. I've done it before.

I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe! (2017/10/06 07:00)
On 'Blade Runner 2049': All these moments in time must be kept, like tears from the rain.

Drowning In The Popcult Goldmine Dept. (2017/05/24 08:00)
How to survive the modern digital cultural flood: have no sense of history.

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