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Lifting The Curtain Dept.

I dropped a hint earlier that I was going to be unveiling a revamped version of the Genji Press site. Some more notes on that, then.


If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You're Part Of The Precipitate Dept.

I'm trying to solve my problems, not create new ones. Honest.

Immovable Type (Dis)continued Dept.

More on me drilling my own escape tunnel from dead-end software.

The Year Of Building Dangerously Dept.

Looks like I'll have to roll my own blog engine. I know, I'm nuts.

Brokedown Castle Dept.

The peril and pain of DIY blogging.


This, That, The Other Dept.

A new site opens up under my provenance; video games make a comeback in my life; and I ponder the future of my publishing system.

Take This Type And Shove It Dept.

Me and my MT. (Is it "blog" or "bleargh"?)

Take This Type And Move It Dept.

Why WordPress and I can't get along.


Digging In The Dirt Dept.

I've upgraded the site to the newest version of Movable Type (5.02), and reorganized a few things to see how they work out. You might want to clear cache before attempting to leave comments....

Tangled Skein Dept.

I've enabled comment threading for articles, on an experimental basis. Let's see how it works out......


Poor Text Editing Dept.

Every time I get that much closer to using a webpage as an application of some kind, cold hard reality leaps out of the closet and tears my head off. Movable Type 5's default in-browser rich text editor is pretty...

Advanced Technology Dept.

Regular visitors may have noticed I've been trying a couple of new format experiments with the site. One is the social-networking links for each article (DIGG ME DIGG ME -- just kidding), something I've avoided for a while but which...

Library Alpha Sort In Movable Type

For a while I've been trying to figure out how to get the Movies and Books sections of this site to have alpha-sorted listings with library-style alphabetization -- in other words, so that titles starting with "A/An/The" don't get sorted...

Tinker, Tinker Dept.

Two things:1) I just upgraded the site to MT 4.25, so if there are any hiccups, drop me a note here.2) I'm now experimenting with using Chrome as a browser for posting to MT, rather than Windows Live Writer. I'm...

Glitchy Dept.

Forgive the state of the site over the last day or so. I was in the process of trying to optimize some horribly CPU-expensive processes (some entries were taking 30 seconds or more to rebuild, which is just insane), and...

Crosspost To LiveJournal Updated

My Crosspost to LJ for Movable Type index template is now at revision 0.4. I added some features, cleaned up a few things, and am in general trying to make it as functional and convenient as possible.Future versions will, I...

Mutable Type Dept.

Work (both the paying and the other kind) have left me with less time than I'd like to just blog about casual subjects, but here's some musings about Movable Type:My kingdom for a decent rich-text editor. Unfortunately, the only way...


Crosspost To LiveJournal [V.0.4]

Note: You can now access this page through a TinyURL shortcut: This is a simple index template I whipped up to allow people to crosspost their most recent Movable Type entries to a LiveJournal account. Revision History 0.4: Website-specific...

Oops Dept.

Apparently the links to the Summerworld and The Four-Day Weekend samplers were out of whack due to me moving some directories around. It should be fixed now....

Categorically Speaking Dept.

I've created a separate writing category for Tokyo Inferno, this year's NaNoWriMo project, and appropriately updated the pinned messages in each section. What I may do this year is file excerpts from the ongoing NaNo on a daily basis --...

Backup Dept.

You probably noticed I posted a bunch of new stuff in the Movies department -- it's actually backlog that I had piling up and wanted to get published before it got too stale. Much of the tinkering that has been...

Tinkering Dept.

I'm in the process of migrating the site to a clean instance of the MT database. Some things might be a little flaky, but as far as I can tell all the basic stuff (commenting, rebuilding, etc.) works fine....

Forty-Two Dept.

After a bit more tire-kicking I've upgraded to the newest pre-release beta of Movable Type 4.2, which fixed some issues I was having with cached templates not rebuilding correctly. I'm still tweaking some of the template layouts as well,...

Things To Do Dept.

In the next week or so I'm going to begin the next phase of the consolidation of all the disparate sites I've been managing.  The individual book blogs are all going to get slurped up and redirected, along with the...

Irregularly Expressed Dept.

One of the "fun" things I did with Movable Type (note the sarcasm quotes) was create some special URL handlers.  F'rinstance, if I want to link directly to an Amazon product, I just have to create a URL that points...

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