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A For Amoral, Or Artistic

With amorality in art, we tend to single out the wrong things to get upset about.


World Brain Blues, And Cheers

"...the mind extends into the world and augments the capacities of the biological brain with outside-the-brain resources."


Stories Of The New Weird Normal

How to seek out stories that intelligently confront the moral complexity of the 21st century.


Do(ing) The Right Thing

"moral action is also, inevitably, practical action, and immoral action is inevitably impractical..."


On the difference between thinking and worrying, and on worrying as a virtue signal.

Moral Men And Immoral Societies

"The very ordinariness of human life seemed a kind of original sin, the sin of not being extraordinary enough to recognize and resist evil."

Do The Wrong Thing

What if someone Did Something Bad with a creation of yours?


Beyond Good And Evil, And All That

In re: "Trying to find absolute rights and wrongs is a trick we play on ourselves to feel comfortable."


Bigger Fish To Fry Dept.

"My problems are bigger than yours" is always a bad argument.


On Staring Away From The Abyss Dept.

Let's gaze into something other than the abyss - but not our navels either.

The Right Thing And How To Do It Dept.

On George R. R. Martin and repentance.


A Man of Steel With Feet Of Clay Dept.

Why "Man of Steel"'s Superman is a little more interesting, and problematic, than you might expect. (Warning: spoilers.)

The Heart Of The Matter Dept.

On love being the highest law.

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