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The Eye Closes: Milton Glaser, 1929-2020 (2020/06/27 01:00)
Goodbye to a man with a little more vision than most, and whole lot of heart.


Another Turn Of The Big Wheel (2018/11/08 08:00)
Call me a workaholic if you really want to. I just call it keeping ahead of the curve.

The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing (2018/11/03 01:00)
The difference between a skeptic and a cynic is motives.

Office Space (2018/04/13 08:00)
Steven Savage's latest post is about "rethinking work", and it reminded me of an anecdote courtesy of Milton Glaser...

KISS And Make Up (2018/04/11 05:00)
The productivity virtues of keeping it simple, stupid.


Open Mouth Already A Mistake Dept. (2012/05/10 10:00)
Just enough is more, especially when showing as opposed to telling.

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