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Fifty Million Elvis Fans Strike Back Dept.

Because if it's popular, it has to be good! Right? Right?

Many Legs And No Brain Dept.

There is no creativity by committee, but we love to believe otherwise.


Gap Filler Dept.

Our art isn't just "content", but that's what it's being turned into.

Another Corrupt Brightness Dept.

Let's not fence ourselves in.

A Corrupt Brightness Dept.

The neurotic escapism and spectators' world of masscult.


Against The Grain, Pt. The Last For Now

This last slew of posts sparked some comments, some locally and some elsewhere. I wanted to touch on a few of these, and conclude my discussion of masscult in SF&F with some directional suggestions....

Against The Grain, Pt. 1

How a literary critic from the 1960s casts light on the dilemma of SF&F publishing today.

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