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Ring Around The Story, Pt. 2

More Marvel discussion: On entertainments vs. objects of study vs. role models.

Ring Around The Story

A few thoughts on "Shang-Chi" and the benefits of efficient story construction.


A Thing To Marvel At

The issue I have with tentpole franchise entertainment is not that it's unentertaining, but that it provides the wrong lessons for creators.


Content, Content Everywhere

On the desire to turn everything into a franchise.


Marveling At What They've Done Dept.

No, Marvel really is making the same movie over and over.


Adamantium Over Bone Dept.

Why I liked "Wolverine", but had to be careful why.


The Punisher

The Punisher was one of the most atypical of the featured characters in the Marvel Comics stable, and for that reason all the more interesting. He didn’t have super-powers, and he didn’t have a lofty ethical code, either; he was...

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