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One of the greatest of American films generally, and certainly the most incisive and insightful one about the criminal life.


The Kid In The Window Stays In The Picture

On reading Scorsese talk about Scorsese.


I Just Can't Help Myself

"Good films are made, because the person behind the camera had to make them."


To Go Against The Flow Dept.

Why it's good to resist the temptation to just give people what they want.


Shutter Island

It’s a cliché of movie criticism to say that a given film needs to be seen more than once. Yes, Shutter Island deserves multiple viewings, but not because the final stretch reveals that everything you think you know is wrong....


Amazonified Dept.

Time for some Amazon catch-up… Hideo Gosha's gone underrepresented for far too long on video in the U.S., but here and there some of the most crucial bits of his filmography have been coming out (like Sword of the Beast,...

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