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Blurbage And Other Difficulties

The difficult art of writing marketing copy for books.

Roll Them Dice

At some point I imagine someone came up with (or should come up with) a game theory of creative work.


Big Ticket Dept.

On taking superhero movies seriously (because billion-dollar box office isn't serious enough, I guess).


Fifty Million Elvis Fans Strike Back Dept.

Because if it's popular, it has to be good! Right? Right?

The Pixel Factory Dept.

On Pixar's alleged slide into crass commercialism.

Nice Job If You Can Lose It Dept.

The world does not owe creative types a living -- not yet, anyway.

Top Of The Heap Dept.

Storytelling descending; marketing rising.

Disrupt Yourself Dept.

Why "disruption" starts at home in creative circles.

Sell It Or Shelve It Dept.

The how-to of writing is something to be outgrown, not followed to the end.

Freedom ... To Wipe Tables And Shine Shoes Dept.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to sell.

No New Sunsets For You! Dept.

Creativity, repeating itself. (Or why you don't remake lightning in a bottle.)

My Water Cooler Runneth Over Dept.

On the communal enjoyment of entertainment and the 'paradox of choice'.

The Shelf Is Full Dept.

Are there too many comic book movies? No, just too many movies made from the same prefab story beats.

Not Too Original Now Dept.

You'll scare everyone off.

Selling Last Year's Model Dept.

We'd sooner sell another version of the old than dream up something truly new -- and maybe it's marketing that's the culprit.


A Bland Apart Dept.

On culture being a tasteless affair (puns intended).

Pounded Out Dept.

When your only marketing system is for marketing blockbusters, what happens to everything that's not a blockbuster?

Do What You Love (And All That Rot) Dept.

How my "is" is not everyone else's "ought".

The Museum And The Supermarket Dept.

Why the "market" can't fix problems with creative work.

What The Market Will Allegedly Bear Dept.

What we call "the market" reflects more the behaviors of a few, not many.

Numbers Never Lie, But People ... That's Another Story Dept.

Why citing "data" as your justification can be no less arbitrary than "Because I said so."

History, Quantifying Itself Dept.

How number crunching -- the tool of the good -- too easily becomes the enemy of the great.

Spiked Dept.

Spike Lee turning to Kickstarter may be the new normal.

57 Media And Nothing On Dept.

On the video game of the TV series of the movie inspired by the book.

I've Seen The Future, And It Doesn't Play In Peoria Dept.

What happens to the movies after they all become tentpoles.

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