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One-Pointed Text

The overwhelming majority of Western fiction that tangles with Buddhism comes out looking flat-flooted and foolishly literal.



Most of my curiosities about things are not aroused by awards.

She Said

Some novels by women you need to know about, and probably don't.

An All-New 'Epitaph' -- Two, In Fact

Two, two, TWO new translations of Machado de Assis's amazing novel came out when my back was turned!


One With Everything (Literary Edition)

On the idea of writing a novel that encompasses the whole of life (and other delusions).


Something To Push Against

On constraints as creative impetuses, and the fallacies that arise therein.


It's A Living

If written fiction's becoming nothing but a prelude to adaptation, what's that mean for written fiction itself?


Lock, Stock, And Character Dept.

Stock "literary" characters can be just as one-dimensional as stock SF characters.

Cheap Shots Dept.

On politics in literature, again.

Politicaliterary Dept.

On politics in literature, spoken and unspoken (and a few other things).


Cynthia's Blues Dept.

Can in time a comic book stand in the same realm as anything Henry James produced? I'm sure it's possible; I'd argue it's already happened.

Outside The Cocoon Dept.

"In this cocoon, the working class is something to make money from..."


Blinded By The Light Dept.

How not to appropriate history in the name of middlebrow art.

Canonade Dept.

More literary canon calamities.


They Blinded Me With Science Dept.

On why non-SF writers sometimes disdain SF, continued.

My Ears! My Ears! Dept.

Few things hurt a writer worse than having a tin inner ear.

Guns And Butter Dept.

Why does it always come down to having to choose between science and art, between Shakespeare or the bomb?

Talk Is Cheap, Thank Goodness Dept.

More on why it's good that some books might never be filmed.

Page Down Dept.

Not every book is a first draft for a movie. Or should be.

The Books Or The Lifestyle Dept.

There's little in the way of serious literature out there about the psychodynamics of role-playing games.

A Washing Machine In The Sky Dept.

Why literary fiction often chooses to be fantastic in such a straight-laced way.

The Prediction Fiction And Other Conniptions Dept.

On John McCarthy's odd comments about literary fiction vs. SF.

This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get Dept.

"In a few generations, there will be no new ideas, only popular ones."


But Who Am I To Be Critical? Dept.

On criticism vs. reviewing.

Waves of the Future Dept.

If SF is "the literature of the future", shouldn't we be using the media of the future to deliver it?

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