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Keith Jarrett: Hymns / Spheres

The full version of Keith Jarrett's highly experimental organ album, finally restored to life on CD.


Sorcerer (1977)

It’s a little difficult to convey the disappointment that landed like bricks dropped on the heads of many moviegoers after William Friedkin’s Sorcerer appeared in 1977. The director of The French Connection and The Exorcist had spent something like $20...


Spheres (Keith Jarrett)

Spheres is somewhere between mesmerizing and frustrating, not least of all because it’s not the record that was originally made. This is a severely edited-down version of a much larger work, Hymns/Spheres, an album which spanned two LPs when originally...

The Köln Concert (Keith Jarrett)

I once got into an argument with someone about a certain record—I think it was possibly one of the early Merzbow discs, believe it or not—because he didn’t believe that I would really want to listen to such rubbish, let...

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