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Strange Days (2015/10/20 10:00)
Twenty years on, James Cameron's (and Kathryn Bigelow's) millennial cyberpunk masterwork still packs the kinds of wallops mainstream filmmaking has retreated from in near-panic


The Hurt Locker (2010/03/31 11:12)
“…war is a drug” Most people look at those words, from the opening titles of The Hurt Locker and think addiction, By the end of the movie they may also think about the other effect most drugs have: derangement of...


Hurtin' Dept. (2009/07/10 10:32)
Roger Ebert's Journal: Archives"The Hurt Locker" represents a return to strong, exciting narrative. Here is a film about a bomb disposal expert that depends on character, dialogue and situation to develop almost unbearable suspense. It contains explosions, but only...

Didn't Suck Dept. (2009/07/09 01:00)
Blood: The Last Vampire :: :: ReviewsSaya is 16 and has been 16 for a very long time. What’s interesting about teenage vampires, such as the hero of “Twilight,” is that they’re frozen in time while old enough...

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