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Liquid Sky (2018/05/01 08:00)
The original new-wave (maybe also no-wave?) film, with its blaze of low-budget images, mixes cheesy science fiction, grimy bohemian drug tragedy, psychedelic experimentalism, and no-budget arthouse drama


Smithereens (2011/01/12 01:11)
The first feature by Susan Seidelman (Desperately Seeking Susan, et al.) plays like a time capsule of downtown NYC in the moment after punk broke and people were still picking up the pieces. Feisty but talentless Wren (Susan Berman) uses...


Lost By Dead (2010/01/22 09:17)
It’s a rare and wonderful thing when you see a film by a first-time director, made by people with no money and no moviemaking experience—and yet the passion they feel for what they do makes those limitations meaningless. The movie...


Indie Jones Dept. (2009/08/04 09:59)
Among the books I picked up during a one-dollar spree at The Strand a while back is a nifty little volume entitled Off-Hollywood: The Making and Marketing of Independent Films. The emphasis is as much on the marketing as it...

Chameleon Street (2009/08/02 09:27)
I think, therefore I scam. I think back to when someone was buttonholing Miles Davis about what Bitches Brew was supposed to be (jazz? rock? experimental?) and he replied, simply, “Music.” Chameleon Street is a movie. It isn’t merely a...


Lethal Force (2006/11/11 05:07)
I’ve long believed that if you grabbed someone at random off the street, gave him $10,000 and told him to make a film, odds are he’d come up with something that’s at least as good (or interesting, or funny) as...

The Brother From Another Planet (2006/02/02 12:34)
The Brother from Another Planet had me just from its pedigree alone: it’s a modest independent film that does more with what little it has than projects with a thousand times the budget. It was the fourth film by...

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