Posts tagged imagination in 2013

Lead, Follow, Or Get A Life Dept.

On "I don't want to have to follow an artist that I have to lead."

Abuse Your Illusion Dept.

On the use and abuse of escapism.

Something I Never Knew I Wanted Dept.

Why, as a fan, sometimes it's best not to get just what you want.

Prefab-o-formula Dreaming Dept.

Isn't it tiresome how so much SF looks like it rolled off the same assembly line?

What If My Beard Were Made Of Green Spinach? You'll Never Get Anywhere What-Iffing About Like That Dept.

The power of imagination requires grounding.

DIY Or Die Dept.

"Write the book you want to read." What if you don't know how?

Dream A Little Dream (Or A Great Big One) Dept.

More on imagination not just being about making stuff up.

Raw Shock Blot Dept.

Suspension of disbelief: exercise for the brain.

No Difference, Except The Feet Are A Little Bit Off The Ground Dept.

Please suspend your disbelief. It'll do us both a world of good.

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