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"Your Dreams Will Never Love You Back"

Our dreams will never love us back precisely because they are our dreams. Only you and I can love each other, and we cannot afford to let anything else usurp that responsibility.


I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

The power to visualize something well is not the same as the power to enact it well. In a world ruled by images, it's hard to remember that.


Future Schlock

On how SF tries to imagine the future, and how that needs to be more than uplift or doomsaying.


The Monster Mash

" can a mash lot of orcs and unicorns and intergalactic wars together without actually imagining anything."

Alternativity Dept.

Every picture tells (me) a story.


To Cut The Drum Open (And See What Makes It Go Bang) Dept.

There are times when you want to keep the mystery, and there are times when you don't.

Nightmares And Madmen Dept.

When you replace the "nightmare" with "insanity", what happens?


No Such Thing As Bad Publicity Either, Right? Dept.

Why "any reading is good reading" is not a great defense of reading.

Get In Line Dept.

On the creative trap of First, Second, No Good.

Page Down Dept.

Not every book is a first draft for a movie. Or should be.


Lead, Follow, Or Get A Life Dept.

On "I don't want to have to follow an artist that I have to lead."

Abuse Your Illusion Dept.

On the use and abuse of escapism.

Something I Never Knew I Wanted Dept.

Why, as a fan, sometimes it's best not to get just what you want.

Prefab-o-formula Dreaming Dept.

Isn't it tiresome how so much SF looks like it rolled off the same assembly line?

What If My Beard Were Made Of Green Spinach? You'll Never Get Anywhere What-Iffing About Like That Dept.

The power of imagination requires grounding.

DIY Or Die Dept.

"Write the book you want to read." What if you don't know how?

Dream A Little Dream (Or A Great Big One) Dept.

More on imagination not just being about making stuff up.

Raw Shock Blot Dept.

Suspension of disbelief: exercise for the brain.

No Difference, Except The Feet Are A Little Bit Off The Ground Dept.

Please suspend your disbelief. It'll do us both a world of good.


Closing The Mind's Eye Dept.

Is "reality" in entertainment overrated?

Imagine How It Would Be Dept.

On "escapism" vs. what's really often meant by that word: imagination.

Making It Up As We Go Dept.

Fiction isn't just about making stuff up. SF is even less about such things.

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