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Missing Pieces

I still haven't finished the Shunga-Satori Behind The Scenes posts, and some of that is due to me having misplaced some notes I thought I had.

Behind The Scenes With 'Shunga-Satori', Pt. 3: The Influences

A rundown of some of the other stories and films that influenced "Shunga-Satori"'s growth and direction.

Behind The Scenes With 'Shunga-Satori', Pt. 2: The Idea

How my new novel "Shunga-Satori" took form as "the underworld surrealism of a dark fairy tale."

Behind The Scenes With 'Shunga-Satori', Pt. 1: The Origins

How my new novel "Shunga-Satori" started as the story of a dreamspace.

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