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I Love Maria

A kooky example of science fiction from Hong Kong, a cinematic world that has relatively little SF to begin with.


Burning Paradise

Before Ringo Lam ended up in Hollywood grinding out sleepwalker, Van Damme’d action titles like Maximum Risk and Replicant, he was one of Hong Kong’s better action directors; his City on Fire was one of the many sources Quentin Tarantino freely...


Mailbag Dept.

Review material, sent my way or purchased, for which detailed reviews will probably appear before long. Here's my quick-and-dirty rundown of what's currently in the bag ... Audition, Ryu Murakami -- yes, this is the novel that was adapted into...

Boot To The Head Dept.

Once upon a time, in the $1 bin at a library book sale, I discovered a little volume named Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee. A Chinese classic that mixed Confucian ideals with some startlingly modern detective-story tropes, it's often overlooked...


Et Al Dept.

A quick closet-cleaning of interesting stuff garnered over the past month. New York City apartment buildings freecycle, and create new community spaces in the process. A new book coming out called The Jazz Loft Project, documenting Weegee's time at 821...

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

You wanted a live-action Blood: the Last Vampire, you got it. The first of the big-budget Hollywood anime adaptations has arrived, and it has pretty much everything you could want from such a project. We get Saya, the katana-swinging vampire...

Away With Words (Kujaku) (San tiao ren)

I only need my imagination for the things I want to do and the places I want to go. -- Asano The same could be said of Christopher Doyle, the Australian-born, HK-based cinematographer who directed Away With Words. It's...


When I Have Time Dept.

The grind of dealing with "NaNo":, work and various family obligations has left me a little winded, so there hasn't been much time for me to post casual stuff. * _Infernal Affairs_ is finally getting a domestic Blu-ray edition (on...

From The Ashes Dept.

Back at A-KON this year, I blundered into a somewhat weatherbeaten copy of a DVD that at first didn't seem to have an English title. It took some squinting and peering at the thing under a strong light to make...


SPL (Sha Po Lang) (Kill Zone)

SPL is the best pure-entertainment Hong Kong movie in a long time, totally unafraid of big gestures, grand statements about honor, and crushing blows to the chest. After all of the wailing about how the Hong Kong film industry is...

Running on Karma

Running on Karma is such an unrepentantly absurd movie that it works simply by dint of being unrepentantly absurd. Even for a Hong Kong film, it’s pretty far-out—but let’s face it, what other country would dare to make a movie...

Breaking News

The opening scene of Breaking News, a single unbroken take that lasts eight minutes and includes a gunfight of startling ferocity, is so good I half-expected the rest of the movie to fail miserably. This opening shot involves most of...


Seven Swords

Seven Swords has been greeted with some of the most savage reviews I’ve read of almost any Hong Kong production, so much so that I wondered if people were simply trying not to look unhip. This film was, in the...

Initial D

Initial D is a perfect example of how cultural cross-pollination is driving creativity in movies around the world: it’s a Hong Kong adaptation of a Japanese manga, popular in both countries and in the United States as well. It’s hard...

New Police Story

The lines in Jackie Chan’s face stand out all through New Police Story, and there are scenes where he sits hollow-cheeked and cold-eyed, staring at a point somewhere far off-camera. These moments hint at the “new” Jackie Chan we’ve been...

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