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Alan Smithee's Revenge Dept.

The screwing of screenwriters: they can't even take their names off a production anymore.

The Perfect Hamburger Dept.

We shouldn't kid ourselves that consistent mediocrity is a worthy goal.

Marveling At What They've Done Dept.

No, Marvel really is making the same movie over and over.

Gilliam's Island Dept.

Terry Gilliam sifts through Hollywood's ashes, comes up broke.


You Figure It Out Dept.

On the consequences of not knowing what you really want.

Guardedly Successful Dept.

Why the success of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was a two-edged sword.

Last Year's Model Dept.

Hollywood's mania for sequels makes sense in light of how forgettable the films are. With no follow-up, who would remember they even exist?

JDE Blues Dept.

On the dangers of being Just Different Enough.

No New Sunsets For You! Dept.

Creativity, repeating itself. (Or why you don't remake lightning in a bottle.)

The Shelf Is Full Dept.

Are there too many comic book movies? No, just too many movies made from the same prefab story beats.


Bluckboster Dept.

Is franchise-driven storytelling the default mode of storytelling from now on?

Numbers Never Lie, But People ... That's Another Story Dept.

Why citing "data" as your justification can be no less arbitrary than "Because I said so."

O.G.: Original Genre Dept.

How something classifies as "original" for us may be just as arbitrary as whether or not we like it in the first place.

History, Quantifying Itself Dept.

How number crunching -- the tool of the good -- too easily becomes the enemy of the great.

Cheaper By The Dozen Dept.

How this summer's big-budget movie carpet-bombing has bombed bigtime.

Combine Fifteen Beats, Simmer, Serves Ten Million Dept.

How "story beats" have killed storytelling, especially in Hollywood.

Reality In a Theater Near You Dept.

The rise (we hope) of the non-fiction drama.

The Feel-Bland Hit Of The Summer Dept.

Maybe we've grown weary of manufactured excitement, emphasis on that first word: manufactured.

The Players, Played Dept.

How the death of DVD killed Hollywood.

By The Numbers Again Dept.

Template-driven storytelling strikes again (and again, and again).

Bakshi to the Future Dept.

Ralph Bakshi is alive, well, and angry in a good way.

Paint By Letters Dept.

The number-crunchers have arrived in the screenwriting department. Pray.

Leeboy Dept.

Spike Lee, remaking "Oldboy": I'm excited, and nervous.

Medium, Neither Rare Nor Well Done Dept.

They were complaining about the movies being scorched earth in 1937.

Specially Affected Dept.

The exploitation of effects houses by Hollywood is only one of many signs of the system's ill health.

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