Posts tagged future projects in 2023

Mythmaking Incorporated

Among the many projects I have cooking, I've pitched as "what if Tolkien, but with Apuleius as the source?"

Vision Thing Progress Report

This last week, I've spent working on Charisma, but I've taken a step back from the manuscript itself to rework and replot the book. It's still got the same overall design and the same direction and conclusion, but many of the details along the way had to be adjusted once I wrote a rough version of the first third or so. These things happen; it's a good thing. It means I'm getting a handle on the book by way of the concrete details I have for it already -- that whole "in the trenches vs. from 30,000 feet up" thing.

Rogress Preport January 2023

Welcome, after a long hiatus, to Rumor Control once again. Here are the facts of what stories I'm working on in the new year.

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