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All The Stuff In My Head Right Now (And Slowly Spilling Out), December 2021 Edition

A peek into the near future of Infinimata Press, and maybe also the far future.

The Forthcoming Murk

What's next for me after "Unmortal"? Uhhhhhhh...

My Unmade-up Mind

How not to succumb to the creative sunk-cost fallacy.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

How to deal with having half-a-dozen-plus possible future projects all cagematching each other to death for the chance to be next in line.

Rogress Preport June 2021

The wheel turns. It grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine.

Run Slowly Through The Tape

On not succumbing to the urge to just shove stuff off my desk and be done with it.

Finitude's Melancholy

I'm experiencing a resurgence of that feeling of how human life, my life, is a limited thing.

The Strange And Wondrous (And Freakin' Hilarious) Tale Of 'Charisma'

Yes, I have yet another new project to announce. One inspired by clipart. No, really.

Rogress Preport March 2021

What I'm working on these days, March 2021 edition.

Rogress Preport February 2021: Back So Soon?

Yes, I know I only checked in a couple of weeks ago, but man have things uncorked here!

Rogress Preport January 2021: Okay, Where Was I?

It's about time I checked back in with all of you as to what I'm up to, bookwise.

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