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You Deserve To Know What's Up, Late July 2020 Edition (2020/07/24 05:00)
Much hard work ensuing here at Chez Infinimata, and on multiple fronts: current book, new book, software.

Hard Work Is Its Own Reward, Or So They Told Me (2020/07/14 08:00)
Not a great week or so, to be honest. Much emotional rollercoastering, much of it project related. And not in the ways you might think.

Things You Deserve To Know, June 2020 Edition (2020/06/24 05:00)
Some progress notes in re the latest novel, Fall Of The Hammer.

A Bucket Back Into The Well (2020/06/12 05:00)
On new work in progress.

Chewing Through My Bit (2020/04/17 08:00)
I want to get Fall Of The Hammer finished and put to bed so I can get on with the next big thing.

Xtaloid: My New Game (2020/02/20 01:00)
I guess this means I can add "game developer" to the rack of hats I wear?


As Yet Unbegun, Let Alone Unfinished (2019 Edition) (2019/11/05 05:00)
Some story ideas of mine that remain eternally in progress.

It Ain't Where You're From, It's Where You're At And Where You're Headed (2019/07/04 08:00)
The peculiar genesis of my new novel means it's going to take at least one to two more passes than usual to kick it into shape.

Oh, Yeah, Now Where Was I? (2019/01/17 10:00)
Sorry about the silence over the last couple of days. I've officially started writing the as-yet-untitled 2019 novel.

As The Nines Roll Over (2018/12/31 07:00)
One last bit before next year, about the significance of the choices I've made for the coming twelvemonth.


2019 And All That (2018/12/20 05:00)
The Genji Press Agenda for the coming year.

This Project Still Has No Title (2018/11/10 05:00)
But at least it now has a wiki.

Another Turn Of The Big Wheel (2018/11/08 08:00)
Call me a workaholic if you really want to. I just call it keeping ahead of the curve.

Back In Circulation (2018/09/22 08:00)
Heard you missed us?

The Almost There Blues (2018/09/10 05:00)
I keep telling myself, writing the next book isn't going to be such a marathon.

Clearing My Desk (2018/07/27 05:00)
What comes next for me after I shove my current book off my desk.

Warning! Progress! (2018/07/08 08:00)
Future Genji Press plans, laid bare! (Oh, and free stuff!)

Is This A Brick Wall I See Before Me? (2018/04/21 06:00)
Not writer's block. Maybe we could call it conceiver's block?

Unsticking The Gears (2018/01/27 08:00)
No prizes for guessing I'm talking about my next project.

February, Come She Will (2018/01/18 08:00)
What's on the slate for Chez Genji.


Yet Another Left Turn (2017/09/14 07:00)
A new, new project rears its head, all but overnight.

Always Outnumbered, Always Overworked (2017/08/01 08:00)
Next up: revisions on my next novel, and rough plans for a future one.


Beyond The Fold Dept. (2013/11/28 10:00)
Look upon my future works, ye Audience, and rejoice.


Make Way For Tomorrow Dept. (2009/12/29 05:51)
So now I stop to take stock, and I realize I haven't the faintest idea what's happening in 2010. I just left the fulltime gig I was doing for two years. The reasons for this I'll not go into here;...

Tinker Tinker Dept. (2009/10/01 12:56)
I've been going back and forth over which of two projects to work on in the coming year -- either The Young Gods (formerly Vajra, never did like that title) or The Number of Magic. The way I pitch the...

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